In December the high school Intro. to Engineering students will be visiting the Advanced Structures and Composites Center, as well as the engineering labs, at the University of Maine at Orono on Dec. 11th!  
It may seem like a long time from now but Tom Pitman really needs help on that day.
Tom, who will be leading the students on this interesting field trip, will also be driving the bus.  Tom is in need of two parent volunteers to help with 'chaperoning'.  The bus will be leaving at 7:30 from the high school and returning by 3:45.  
What's in it for the volunteers?  A great day at one of the leading engineering universities in the country, a sneak peak at a possible college choice, a fun time spent with interesting students and a delicious lunch!  
Please let Tom  Pitman: tom_pitman@yarmouthschools.orgknow if you can help out. The field trip can not take place without chaperones.

​Please remember that all volunteers must fill out a Volunteer Registration form at the beginning of each school year.  They are available in the office as well as for downloading and printing on the YHS Volunteer web page.
Nini EmmonsVolunteer Program Director
Partners in Education
220 McCartney Street, Yarmouth, ME 04096
Phone: 207-846-2499

aluable treasures like you make us beam;
Outstanding is the help you lend to our team;
Loyal in your in tireless efforts all year;
Upbeat and always full of good cheer:
Notable for your compassionate touch;             
Thoughtful in ways that mean so much;
Ever prepared with a welcoming smile;
Eager to go the extra mile;
Reaching out to those in need;
Supportive in every word and deed.