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Valuable treasures like you make us beam;
Outstanding is the help you lend to our team;
Loyal in your tireless efforts all year;
Upbeat and always full of good cheer:
Notable for your compassionate touch;             
Thoughtful in ways that mean so much;
Ever prepared with a welcoming smile;
Eager to go the extra mile;
Reaching out to those in need;
Supportive in every word and deed.

Volunteers Needed
(and a chance to see the high school students at work)
Public Policy Presentations-  It is time for Advanced Placement U.S. History students to present their Public Policy projects. Students have been researching public policy issues for several weeks and will present their findings and recommendations to panels of students, faculty, and community members. We are in need of a number of volunteers from the community to serve on these panels. Panelists are not asked to grade students, but will have an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. The presence and participation of community members helps make this a rich, authentic learning experience for our students.The presentations are happening on the following dates: Tuesday, June 5, Wednesday June 6, Thursday June 7, Friday June 8, Monday June 11, and Tuesday, June 12. If you are able to help out for one, two or three sessions please sign up at this link.  

Please let me know if you have trouble signing up.

Thank you for considering,
Nini Emmons