Volunteer Contact Information & Forms
Nini EmmonsVolunteer Program Director - 
                            Partners in Education
                            220 McCartney Street, Yarmouth, ME 04096
                            Phone:    207-846-2499

Valuable treasures like you make us beam;
Outstanding is the help you lend to our team;
Loyal in your tireless efforts all year;
Upbeat and always full of good cheer:
Notable for your compassionate touch;             
Thoughtful in ways that mean so much;
Ever prepared with a welcoming smile;
Eager to go the extra mile;
Reaching out to those in need;
Supportive in every word and deed.

Charlotte Agell, Advisor for the HMS annual publication, Legenda, is in need of a volunteer to help with the making of the publication ready for print by doing the following:
  • accept the cover and interior illustration scans
  • accept the stories/poems electronically
  • help make a final product
​f you know how to use inDesign or a similar program this would be a piece of cake.  A template of what was used last year is available.

Please contact Charlotte if you are able to help out:  charlotte_agell@yarmouthschools.org